Pixels (2015)

Rates : 10

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Quality: CAM
Director: Chris Columbus
Stars: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan
IMDb Ratings: 5,3/10 from 7.010 users Metascore: 27/100
Motion Picture Rating (MPAA) RatPG-13
Genres: Action | Comedy | Sci-Fi
Country: USA | China | Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 24 July 2015
Subtitles: Not Yet
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PIXELS is a 2015 American science fiction comedy film produced by Columbia Pictures, 1492 Pictures and Happy Madison Productions. The film was directed by Chris Columbus, based on a screenplay written by Tim Herlihy and Timothy Dowling and a screen story penned by Tim Herlihy, based on French director Patrick Jean’s 2010 short film of the same name. The film stars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Monaghan, Brian Cox, Ashley Benson, and Jane Krakowski. The film’s plot has extraterrestrials misinterpreting video-feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, and invade Earth using technology inspired by games such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders. To counter the alien assault, the United States hire former arcade champions to lead the planet’s defense.

Pixels (2015) Plot: When aliens misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, they attack the Earth in the form of the video games.